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Welcome to the SerpentineDays

Serpentinization is one of the most important fluid-rock alteration processes on Earth and other rocky planets. Interested in learning more about these amazing geological processes? SerpentineDays offers a free webinar series and in-person meetings to share the latest research on serpentinites and brings scientists together from all over the world.


Webinars 5th SerpentineDays 2024


Are you a student, a scientist or simply interested in ongoing research on serpentinites? Our webinars are for everyone interested in learning more about the amazing world of serpentinization and associated fluid-rock interaction processes. We cover topics ranging from geochemistry and geophysics to biology and astrobiology. Stay up to date with our newsletter.

5th SerpentineDays 2024

In September 2024 we will organise the 5th SerpentineDays Meeting in Granada, Spain. Check here for more information.

Who we are

SerpentineDays (est 2003) is an international collective of scientists dedicated to researching all processes related to serpentinites. Within the community mineralogists, crystallographers, chemists and geophysicists enhance and share visions, improve research methods, and inspire new generations of scientists. Learn more about the history.

The events and webinars SerpentineDays is organizing offer insights into the latest research and addresses important scientific questions about the evolution of planets and life.

SerpentineDays Agenda 2023/2024

Curious? Make sure to check our agenda regularly or register to our newsletter to receive updates on future events.

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