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The origin of Serpentine Days

Serpentine Days was first introduced in 2003 as a small two-day workshop organized by Catherine Mével (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, IPGP). With this website we continue that heritage.

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Our history


The Serpentine Days initiative is driven by an international group of scientists. Working together, they are focused on sharing the latest findings on fluid-rock alteration processes on Earth and on other rocky planets.

What we do

Serpentine Days connects scientists and students interested in topics related to serpentine minerals. This covers research on the deep Earth interior and the Earth surface, from ocean floor to mountain belts and from places in our solar systems to regions far out in space.

Our vision

With a monthly webinar on the latest research on serpentines we aim to connect the community, start discussions between different disciplines and think about new ways to perform future research. The webinars will be a fantastic opportunity to meet people and get into contact with each other. In 2023 we will aim to meet again for the Serpentine Days, somewhere in Europe.


Lisa Eberhard
Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

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Marguerite Godard
University of Montpellier, France

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Nadege Hilairet
University of Lille, France

Personal webpage

Oliver Plümper
Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Personal webpage

Marco Scambelluri
University of Genova, Italy

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Alexis Templeton
University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Personal webpage

Alberto Vitale Brovarone
University of Bologna, Italy

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Let’s talk serpentine

Scientists gather data about serpentinization and fluid-rock alteration processes every day. We share their superb work in a series of free webinars. Interested in the latest insights? Register! Other questions? Contact us here.

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