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Serpentine Days Webinar #8

The speakers of this webinar were Michelle Ulrich: Oxygen isotope geochemistry of HP-serpentinites: implications for fluids in subduction zones beyond the brucite-out reaction Esther Schwarzenbach: Serpentinization and its role in the global C and S cycle

Serpentine Days Webinar #7

The speakers of this webinar were Souradeep Mahato: Strain localization in serpentinized peridotite during detachment faulting: multi scale study of a nearly amagmatic end-member case (64°35’E Southwest Indian Ridge) Martina Preiner: How nanoparticles might connect serpentinization, origin of life and carbon fixation

Serpentine Days Webinar #6

The speakers of our new webinar were Lotta Ternieten: Microcrystalline carbonates: a hidden record to better understand the carbon cycle in serpentinization systems James Leong: H2 production during serpentinization: Modern examples and past contributions to Earth’s Great Oxidation

Serpentine Days Webinar #5

The speakers of this webinar were José Alberto Padrón-Navarta: Serpentinite dehydration fluids: oxidised or not oxidised, is that really the question? Samuel Angiboust: Serpentinite-hosted fluid flow and deformation in the deep subduction interface

Serpentine Days Webinar #4

The speakers of this webinar were Thomas Ferrand: Serpentine, serpentinized faults and related seismicity: a transdisciplinary journey Benjamin Tutolo: Observational constraints on the process and products of Martian serpentinisation

Serpentine Days Webinar 3#

The speakers of the third webinar were Susan Lang: Carbon cycling is fundamentally different between mafic and ultramafic hydrothermal systems Mathilde Cannat: Serpentinization in mid-ocean ridge detachment fault systems

Serpentine Days Webinar #2

The speakers of the second webinar were Coralie Vesin: Tracing fluid uptake of abyssal serpentinisation: an in situ oxygen isotope and trace elements approach on serpentine phase Frieder Klein: From Icy Moons to Earth’s Abyss: Serpentinization as a Key Planetary Process (Recording will uploaded soon)

Serpentine Days Webinar #1

The speakers of the first webinar were Nicholas Tosca (University of Cambridge): In-situ evidence for serpentinization of the Maaz Formation, Jezero Crater, Mars Manuel Menzel (CSIC-IACT, Spain): Texture preservation during carbonation and what it tells us about the reactive porosity of serpentinites

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